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11/04 - 14h26

Easy Going? It's All Relative

The Multi 70 trio of skippers were all caught by the French redaction team this morning and in turn they all said conditions are improving, they have slept and eaten and were getting more into a routine...Sebastien Josse is leading

Yann Elies (Paprec Recycling)
"It's still hard going but it is better this morning. There is a good swell with some breaking crests, a bit like the deep south. It is a while since I have seen it like this. I begin to recover a bit this morning. I slept when I had three reefs and staysail. I am going OK now and so I get some better food. It is nice, we begin to have some sunshine and it feels like there is light at the end of the tunnel. We will enjoy the powder skiing shortly. I am happy with how I am sailing. I am not so far from Sidney Gavignet who is good and Sèbastien Josse is impressive. Lemonchois has been impressive too. I will probably set a bit more sail now that I feel a bit more in shape. I ask myself a lot of questions about sailplan that no doubt the others don't. So far I have struggled a bit to keep up with the routings for the average polars but I am getting better now.

Sébastien Josse Edmond de Rothschild
The worst is behind me, we are still in it but we well get out soon. It will be good. I try to do what it takes to stay in the game. We will see how it goes later on. There are big cumulus clouds in the sky, there are seas which are about 4 metres and the winds of up to 30kts, I am with 3 reefs in the main and under staysail.  I got some sleep this morning and I expect the seas to ease with the breeze lightening.

Sidney Gavignet, Musandam-Oman Sail:
“I was able to get some rest last night and again this morning, I slept with the sheets in my hands just in case and managed to fall asleep two or three times, in between I woke up to tweak the boat to go faster. This morning I have eased my foot back onto the accelerator a bit.
“Otherwise all is well – I am relieved to be out of the high risk zone as it was pretty dangerous – you had to be very alert and ready to react the entire time.
“The good news is it is getting warmer but Musandam-Oman Sail and I are in a big sea way – it's beautiful out here right now. I can't see any of my fellow competitors for the moment; I think we are quite far from one another.
“I am at last warming up and thanks to Marinepool I'm pretty dry. Which is good, as my jet burner for cooking has broken so no more warm food until Guadeloupe! It's not a major though – I can still eat.
“I just saw 34 knots of boat speed while talking to you as I surfed down a wave! We have about 30 knots of wind and as the day progresses we will sail out of the squall zone – I have blue sky and fluffy white clouds above me and when the sun comes out it is lovely and warm…

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