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11/12 - 08h50

Morning Message From Miranda Merron

Late afternoon, breeze aound 22 - 25 knots, sometimes a bit more. Sea state groing, some quite big waves, excellent driving conditions. But not so, alas, for the autopilot.

Not it's faul - it can't read the waves. But one particularly good one, quite steep, and the bow pointing downhill, doing 17 knots, nearly ended in disaster as the boat slewed perilously close to a Chinese gybe (involuntary manoeuvre resulting in sails on wrong side - very messy). Not wishing to spend days with the spinnaker wrapped around the forestay, I decided to put up the gennaker. Not fast, lost miles, but not as many as the aforementioned scenario.

Other than that, a new noise out here - the sound of flying fish hitting the boat, mostly flip-flapping there way back into the sea if the impact wasn't too violent.

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 Entries Are Open

Entries Are Open

Long awaited by skippers, boat and team owners, stakeholders and sponsors alike the Notice of Race for the 40th anniversary Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe was published and made available on Tuesday 24th October. The official document drawn up and published by OC Sport Pen Duick, the organisers of the historic event, formally opens the entry registration process and announces the opening dates of the 12,000 m2 race village in Saint Malo. The village will be open from Wednesday 24th October and stays open until after the start on Sunday November 4th.


Sir Robin's In The Pink on Grey Power, finished third!

Sir Robin's In The Pink on Grey Power, finished third!

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston finishes third in Rhum Class in La Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe Solo Transatlantic Race. Hours from the finish line, when he was locked in a tense final battle with Italian course record holder for his class Andrea Mura, doing all he could to steal second, Britain's Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, 75, pronounced that he would be simply 'ecstatic' if he were to finish third in the Rhum Class of La Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe, the 3542 miles solo race from Saint-Malo, France to Guadeloupe in the French West Indies.